You have several options to help us:

  • By informing ourselves, forming groups and communicating with each other, we will have more arguments and articles to debate in discussions with others. The economic, scientific, medical and technical aspects are often complex. Correcting some of the press articles is one of the challenges as they are often superficial and inaccurate. You can also get involved in a project to create a database on these issues to help others find their way around. For press articles, contact Pascal Kotté,, for the database, Paul Duperrex,

  • In order to spread the ideas of the Shift Project, we have five core values:

a) Scientific rigour

b) Open mind

c) Impartiality

d) Professionalism

e) Conviviality

  • If you have the soul of a lecturer, you can join the "Teach the Shift" ("TTS") pole, either to train yourself to present a "General Public" conference (to everyone, member of your municipality, work colleagues, secondary schools, member of a community, etc...), or, more difficult, to train yourself to the "Grandes Ecoles" conference (to professional or technical schools that already master the subject of global warming and the IPCC reports). The training for these two conferences is done in Paris (or by Zoom) because they were written and produced by the "Shifters France" (but adapted to Switzerland!). For any information, contact Oana Gazzar: or 078 608 53 86. Also, if you know someone who would like to host a conference or organise one in his or her work or living environment, please contact her.

  • If public speaking is not your strong point, there is already an analysis centre for Swiss cantonal plans to provide relevant comments to the press or interested parties. You can contact them directly at 

  • If you are in the medical or technical field, there is also a section on "Health effects of climate change". Contact Eric Lainey, or 079 196 85 44.

  • You can also contribute to digital spaces and communications, graphics, translations...

  • Finally, if you would like to join the committee to help us with the monthly newsletter or the organisation of monthly meetings or meetings between "Shifters Switzerland" during picnics or beer on a terrace, or if you have other ideas for projects, you are welcome!

See also: 

  • is the Swiss part of the global Wiki.

  • Requesting or organising, or participating in a "Teach the shift": Mconference: Multiple variations depending on the audience, adapted to Switzerland.

  • Fact-Shifters: To respond to "abusive" comments and articles and to exploit the letters from readers of our media.

  • Projet PCC Analysis of the Climate Plans of our Cantons.