"Shifting" means shifting one's usual frame of reference to another reality, i.e. changing one's way of thinking.

This is what the « Shift Project » proposes in France, created in 2010 by Jean-Marc Jancovici and directed by  Matthieu Auzanneau. The aim of this  think tank is to collaborate with the professional and political world in order to propose new options for a less, or even no longer carbon-based economy.

The "Shifters" are the volunteers, the little hands, the tens, hundreds and today thousands of ants who support and participate in the realization of the "Shift Project" projects in France.

The Shifters Switzerland

Since January 2021, the sister association "Shifters Switzerland" has been working towards a Swiss policy and economy that is aware of the climate issues and the dangers that threaten us.

The Shifters Switzerland is a Swiss and independent association, but it pursues the same goals as the French voluntary association. We already have more than a hundred members in French-speaking Switzerland and hope to see our ranks swell with all those who have energy and courage to spare. All profiles are welcome, whether you are looking for a job, a teacher, in the medical field, an engineer, a student, an artist or a farmer. What is important is that you offer your talents to meet the huge challenges ahead.